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Presents Randys Hollow Season 2! David Williamson

David Cornelious Williamson was born in the 1970s in the south of England and grew up in the north of England in the 1920s. The family’s only source of income during this time was his grandfather’s work as an Elvis impersonator – there wasn’t much call for it in 1942 but he did his best.

David has written for a number of websites (one is a number) and currently marvels the general public in his role of “Drunkard in the Corner” most weekday afternoons in Thatcher’s Bar. He once fell off a ferry whilst travelling to France and recently introduced the concept of wheel-chair bound pole-dancing to the denizens of Hampshire.

As well as being employed purely for his terrible jokes on the SDFF Podcast, David also works hard deleting Andy’s more offensive jokes from the Twitter feed (@SDFFPodcast)

one thing to note – David is not actually disabled. This was a one-off remark in a pre-production meeting, and has taken on a life of its own. As a concept it certainly has legs, and is one of the SDFF’s most beloved running jokes.