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Historical Facts You May Not Know

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Russian Mad Monk Rasputin. He was a favourite of the Russian royal family before he was brutally poisoned, stabbed, shot and drowned (You think you’ve had a bad day). You probably know that he was considered to be the only person able to cure Alexei, the heir to the Russian crown, of his Haemophilia (a hereditary condition that was passed down from his Great Grandmother Queen Victoria).

Well here’s something that you may not know. Rasputin had an enormous penis. Weren’t expecting that were you? Though maybe it suddenly explains why he had a large amount of female followers.

And how do we know it was huge? Well apparently it was taken off him after he was killed and is now pickled in a jar in a Museum in St Petersburg. The legend goes that it was either cut off when he was murdered and left in the room to later be found by a maid (that would certainly clog up the vacuum cleaner) or that it was removed during his autopsy and taken by one of his female admirers.

Whichever it was it seemingly found its way into the possession of Rasputin’s daughter and somehow then to the museum where all can look upon this famous member.

But how big exactly was it? Apparently a massive 11 inches though his daughter claimed that it was 13 inches ‘when pointing skywards.’ Personally I’d rather not know how she is aware of those specific details.

Anyway that is my historical fact of the day, although an interesting side note is that the Russian Tsars wife, and mother to his children was Alix, granddaughter of Queen Victoria. The Russian royal family were all murdered in 1918 though there was a belief for a long time that Princess Anastasia escaped and survived in hiding. Many women later came forward claiming to be Anastasia including a woman called Anna Anderson who was considered the most likely person to be the missing princess. Upon Miss Anderson’s death a portion of her DNA was collected to see is she really was who she claimed. For this they needed the closest member of her family to match with. Who did they choose? Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Think on that.


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