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The Good Old Days

Isn’t it funny how people long for the past? Nostalgia really does take hold of you when something reminds you of days gone by. I was at a heritage steam railway line once and everyone was saying about how they loved old trains and how they wished they were still around today, and by doing this completely forgetting the fact that they were slow, dirty and a bugger to run. I must admit that I have my own moments of looking back to the glory days. I’ve got so many computer games that I’ve brought because I played them years ago and they’ve been re-released. The only problem I have is that when I start to play them I get quickly bored as I don’t have anywhere near the same enthusiasm about them as when I was 15. That doesn’t seem to stop me buying the next old game that gets released only to sit on the shelf like some kind of collector’s item.

I had many memories come flashing back only recently when someone said to me that MSN has ceased to be. I was instantly taken back to a time of brb and lol (when I thought lol meant lots of love and I felt exceptionally wanted). Many hours of my teenage years were spent sitting at a computer typing conversations to people you’d only seen an hour before. The nervous wait you had as you signed in and there was always someone you hoped was already online, there little green man waiting for you to speak to them (or so you hoped). Actually what would normally happen is that you’d say hello and they wouldn’t say anything back but you’d stare at the box waiting for the words so and so is typing. But then they’d sign out and you wondered what you’d done wrong? What could you have done differently? Only for them to come back on five minutes later and you then tried to act cool by leaving it a while before you wrote back, pretending you had such a busy life outside of MSN. But really just watching the clock and counting to two minutes so you didn’t seem too keen.

Then as you grew up so did MSN. You could change your font and colour of the words. And nudge!!! Which was bloody annoying. And then the ultimate for me was when you could talk via webcam (or facetime as it’s known now). Although this did have a down side when someone typed lol at something you said, but you could see they had a straight face. Not lolling at all!

So farewell MSN, no longer needed but definitely not forgotten by a generation that thought broadband was amazing after dial up. You paved the way for many awkward moments when you typed something in one box that was meant for someone else only to pretend you weren’t talking about them but about someone they don’t know to someone they don’t know about something they’re not aware. Ah the good old days.

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